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We provide legal services in the following areas :

  • Real Estate

  • Wills and Estates

Real Estate :

We provide a variety of services related to real estate. Our services include :

purchasing and selling residential properties,
registering and discharging of mortgages,
transfers, etc.

A real estate transaction represents an extremely important financial matter. It is crucial that your interests are well represented throughout the transaction.

We would be pleased to act on your behalf, whether you are purchasing or selling a property. We make sure that your interests are protected in each and every step of the transaction. Most of all, we aim at making sure your real estate experience is as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

Wills and Estates :

It is very important to have a valid will. The will simplifies the administration of the affairs of your Estate. A will also permits its author to dispose of his / her personal property as he / she deems fit.

The applicable law in Ontario dictates how the property of someone who dies without a will is distributed. What the Law dictates can sometimes be different then how a person would want to distribute his / her assets. Having a valid and updated Will is therefore a prime necessity.

Having a Will also avoids delays in the administration of the Estate. It can also reduce costs. It is recommended that you review your Will on a regular basis to make sure it still reflects your current situation and your intentions.

Will drafting and Estate administration work represent a major part of our services. We undergo with our clients a complete review of their current personal and financial situation in order to provide proper estate planning tools that will simplify their respective estates and avoid unnecessary costs following their death.

We strongly encourage our clients to sign Powers of Attorney. These documents allow a person of your choice to manage your affairs and make decisions on your behalf should you become unable to do so yourself. Powers of Attorney are extremely important. They help avoid extensive delays, costs and complications should a person unfortunately become unable to manage his / her affairs.

Finally, we can assist Estate Trustees in completing the work related to the administration of an Estate. We work closely with the Estate Trustee (formerly known as executor / executrix) in that regard. Together, we complete all the tasks associated with the administration of an Estate. We render the following services in that regard :

  • obtaining the Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (if required);
  • consolidation of all assets of the Estate;
  • payment of the Estate’s expenses and debts, if any;
  • payment of all specific bequests specified in the Will;
  • distribution of the assets of the Estate;
  • calculation of the Estate Trustee’s compensation;
  • finalizing and payment of the applicable income taxes, etc.

Please note that our office is currently safekeeping all the Wills prepared by Paul F. Lalonde, a former partner with the law firm Lalonde, Chartrand, Colonnier & O’Connor. We are also safekeeping all the Wills prepared by the late Rodrigue Landriault.

We are extremely meticulous in our work. Knowing the importance of a good and thorough preparation, we work closely with our clients and keep them informed of every step undertaken in their file. Our goal is to achieve the best results for our clients.

Last Updated: 17.08.15